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How Do You Determine if Your HVAC System Needs Serviced?

Air Conditioning & Heat are a blessing when operating efficiently, and a requirement during times of extremely weather conditions. These types of equipment need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance during peak seasons, during times of highest demand. 

How do you determine if your HVAC or Refrigeration system needs to be serviced or repaired? Here are some helpful tips to look for – as always, we are just a phone call away!

High Energy Consumption

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Have you noticed your energy bills slowly trickling up over the past few months? Despite the typical fluctuations from seasonal changes, how does this compare to your bill last year? 

If you notice increased spikes in energy demand at your residential home or commercial facility, this can be due to a faulty HVAC or Refrigeration system?

These types of systems consume large amounts of energy and often draw higher levels of Kilowatts when they aren’t operating at optimal efficiency.

Loud or Banging Equipment

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Mechanical Equipment is designed to function within it’s exact design specifications. When one component fails it leads to increased strain on other components within your system.

 Oftentimes, your system may be able to function but not without humming, clanging, or banging. If the problem is allowed to persist, this can lead to a component failure or worse – system shutdown. 

Our teams are able to inspect your equipment, provide a free estimate of our services and repair your system quickly. This ensures that you save on future repair cost while fixing the issue before it’s allowed to worsen.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

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Of course, the greatest sign of equipment requiring service is it’s capability to heat or cool your home or office environment. 

If you’re HVAC or Refrigeration system is unable to keep up with the outside air temperatures, it’s certainly time to have your equipment serviced or replaced. 

We highly suggest scheduling a service inspection of your home or office HVAC  prior to the start of Summer & Winter. This ensures that you maintain comfortable temperatures all season without fear of a system failure during the most uncomfortable times of the year. 

Available 'round the Clock

We understand that sometimes life just gets in the way. If you’re in need of an emergency service on your HVAC or Refrigeration system, give us a call! We offer 24/7 emergency services for those times of need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their service from T3 Mechanical! We depend on our customers for growth and ensure their satisfaction.

Free Consultations

Diagnosing a HVAC or Refrigeration system without technical experience is a tough task. Let our experts provide you with a free consultation of your office or industrial complex HVAC equipment.

“T3 Mechanical prevented my office from shutting down during an emergency HVAC breakdown. The temps were climbing to 110 outside and we needed help immediately. We contacted their office and they were able to inspect and service our unit the same day. We are so grateful for their dedication to their customers!”

Deborah Thompson

Business Owner

“I knew it was time for me to get my heating and air conditioning system serviced. It had been a few years since a bought my new storefront in Fort Worth TX and it had acted up in recent years. T3 Mechanical provided me with a fair price on their estimate compared to some of the bigger guys. I went with their service and am grateful that they took the time to explain my system and diagnose to me clearly. Great service!

Dan Wiley

Retail Manager

Service, Repair or Replacement, we are here for your every need.


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