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Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers & Ice Machines

Freezers & Refrigerators are essential to our food storage in our commercial offices. We keep your food fresh and tasty by servicing, maintaining or replacing your refrigerator and freezer systems. Certified to handle commercial freezers, our teams have the ability to diagnose, treat and prevent problems before they happen.

Air Conditioning, Mini-Splits & Heat Pump Systems

Texas is a wonderful state, but it is touch on our AC & Heating systems! We keep your industrial & commercial environments comfortable and safe for your employees and co-workers. If you’ve got a system that needs repairs or maintenance or would like some energy saving upgrades give us a call! We service all systems from a basic residential unit to a commercial heat pump application.¬†

Gas Furnaces

Summer in Texas seems to last a lifetime, but our seasons change quickly. Winter always creeps in and the chill with it. It’s imperative to have your Heat & Gas Furnace checked prior to the onset of winter. We can inspect, clean, maintain and startup your heating system prior to the start of the winter months. This keeps you nice and cozy before the one-a-year Texas ice storm.

Air Duct Cleaning & Installation

Our air ventilation systems provide months and months of fresh clean air. But what happens when our duct work becomes dirty and contaminated? Viruses and bacteria often grow in these cold and dark spaces. Let our teams clean out your commercial ventilation systems and keep your family and co-workers healthy and germ free. You’ll be glad you were proactive, trust us.

Fan Powered Box (FPB) & Variable Air Volume Box (VAV)

What keeps our air moving through our ventilation systems? No, it’s not the power button that you hit. These complex systems require efficient fans (both FPB & VAV) to circulate both heating and air conditioning through our commercial and office environments. We offer energy saving Variable Air Volume Boxes (VAV) to reduce your energy cost. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Energy Management Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic Controllers are not new to the HVAC industry. Rather, they are a reliable technology that provides quality energy control for large commercial buildings and offices. These systems are not overly complicated but contain a inter-linkage of looped “brains” such as relays, actuators and receivers. We provide quality Pneumatic Inspections to ensure that your complete “loop of controls” is functioning properly, which leads to reduced energy costs.

Commercial HVAC Control Systems

Our Company has installed and assembled modules, devices, sensors, and
thermostats for large equipment control, medium equipment control, zone control, and actuator control in gas stations, K-12 educational buildings, universities, retail stores and government buildings.

These automated control systems help customers reach their energy saving desires by giving the correct data for analysis of equipment and deliver the records needed to manage equipment and utility bills. Information is power and the accurate diagnostics of these automation systems help our customers save money and keep equipment running.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“T3 Mechanical assisted me with a refrigeration issue that I kept experiencing in my restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. They provided me with a free evaluation of my commercial freezer and were accurate in their pricing. They had me back up and running by the close of business. So grateful for their quick response!”

Thomas Dove

Restaurant Owner

“When I needed them most, they were there. I was worried about the safety of my employee when our warehouse AC system went out. We were experiencing 110 degree heat and we had to postpone shipments for a day while I looked for a contractor to help fix our system. T3 Mechanical responded to our call that day and fixed our system for a fair price.”

Denise Shekels

Warehouse Manager


As licensed HVAC & Refrigeration professionals, we know the value of speed and accuracy

Our tenured team of licensed and certified service technicians are ready for your call. We provide seller/buyer inspections, routine maintenance, seasonal inspection, repairs, replacement or new installation services. We are your one-stop-shop for HVAC services in both Industrial & Commercial applications. We even provide financing options for new equipment purchases. 

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